Welcome to the ISB

Welcome to the International Society for Biocuration's website. The (ISB) is a non-profit organisation for biocurators, developers, and researchers with an interest in biocuration. The society promotes the field of biocuration and provides a forum for information exchange through meetings and workshops.


  • The 9th International Biocuration Conference will be held on April 10-14th, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. More details will follow in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned !

  • The ISB offers Micro-Grants for Regional ISB Meetings. ISB Micro-Grants are meant to sponsor local/regional short meetings of ISB members to synergize their work efforts, to generate a space to share your work, and to further help to advance the goals of the society. Micro-Grants are awarded in the amount of (US) $500 per group, and applications may be submitted at any time (i.e. no deadlines). For more details, see ISB Micro-Grants.

  • Minutes from monthly ISB Executive Committee meeting are public. We welcome your input on the discussion topics and decisions made by the ISB Executive Committee.